When Wall Tiles Become Art – A Unique Product Designed & Created in Bali

February 5, 2013
Category : Interior Design

This year, Australian artist and designer, Philip Lakeman, became the sole owner of Art of Tiles, a company based in Sanur, Bali that manufactures a unique range of hand-made decorative wall tiles. philp-lakeman-art-of-tiles   We are talking sophisticated – both in designs and colour – with inspiration coming from several directions that meld Philip’s Australian sensibilities with the influences that have affected him from living in Bali for the past 20 years.

His works not only can be used for full wall coverage for interior or exterior use, but also can make their own design statement as stand-alone art panels.

Some designs are smooth and include metallic washes or hand-painting; others have a pitted, earthy texture achieved by using local sand in the manufacturing process.  When moulds are used in the tile-making, even they have been hand-carved in teak wood by Balinese craftsmen.

Influences? – motifs from Indonesian fabrics, basket weaving, Balinese stone & wood carving.  More modern inspiration has come from geometric patterns and then, there’s Mother Nature herself.  The turquoise colours used in some of his designs is a stand-out!  The monochromatic greys & ochres (colours of Australia?) could blend with any décor – modern or traditional. 

Ceramic Tiles Bali - Art of Tiles

Examples of the work of Art of Tiles

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Installed in some of the finest establishments in Indonesia (Dine at award-winning Metis Retaurant in Seminyak and you’ll see them there.  They are also installed at The Legian Hotel and at Jeeva Klui Resort in Lombok), Malaysia, Thailand, the US and the Middle East, the tiles that Art of Tiles produces are superb examples of East meets West both in craftsmanship and inspiration.


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