When Balinese Artistry In Precious Metals Meets Western Design

March 27, 2013
Category : Art

Actually, we lie a little here….. The so-called “Western designers” of these magnificent pieces comprised an Indian woman from Kenya (Uma) and her partner, an American who had already been based here for several years (Shunyata), before they met.  These are some of the results, though, of their collaboration under the name US Creations.

In keeping with true Balinese jewelry tradition, US Creations only worked with gold – and what beautiful gold it is too!  22 karat (carved, granulated or filigreed), the same glittering, bright metal Amber Sun showing fine granulation artistry found in every culture from ancient Egypt, to the Aztecs & Incas, to that which is treasured throughout Asia.  And, in the years since these pieces were created, the price of gold has increased some 1000%!  (It’s no wonder that in Asia gold has always been regarded as a source of wealth.)

What makes these pieces special also is the stones that were used and that each piece was created at a specific time of the moon and planets, using principles of sacred geometry that ensured their power when adorning the right person.  We often used to watch people try on the various pieces only to see their personality light up after finding their perfect piece that suited only them.

 Please click on the album title to open all the images.  But, to see the beautiful detail of the pieces, click again on the images themselves.

From finely detailed drawings that are works of art in themselves, the gold was carved in their workshop by a team of Balinese craftsmen whose innate knowledge of goldsmithing was something US Creations were able to capitalize on.  But, out of respect for their Balinese craftsmen, their methods were the same as those of other revered artists of Indonesia (the gong makers, the carvers and the keris blade makers) who would pray and fast before shaping their media.  Creation was a religious experience and the results show!

The jewels of US Creations are now in the possession of women and men in Singapore, HK, the US, and throughout Indonesia.  Even our former president, Megawati Soekarnoputri, has a piece that was specially created for her….

Shunyata now presents his work under the name of Zoein Jewels.  For a look at more of his artistry and to know more about the philosophy behind his jewelry creations, please click here www.zoeinjewels.com.

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