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Oh, to go to Palembang! A Small Catalogue of Crafts from One of the Oldest Cities in Modern-Day Indonesia.

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Just saying the name evokes an image of an exotic place and Palembang certainly reflects all the exoticism of South-East Asia’s rich history. From the 7th Century A.D., Palembang, in South Sumatra, has been in existence as a major trade & cultural centre for the archipelago that we now know as Indonesia.

How Beautiful Can a Spoon Be?

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Do you take a spoon for granted? It’s shape, design and the materials it’s made from? Not here in Indonesia.
In the West, we eat using a knife and a fork; but, when you dine the Indonesian way, don’t be surprised to be presented with a fork and a spoon with which to eat your food. Since rice is the usual accompaniment to a meal here, it makes sense that you can scoop rather than cut.