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When Balinese Artistry In Precious Metals Meets Western Design

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Actually, we lie a little here…..

The so-called “Western designers” of these magnificent pieces comprised an Indian woman from Kenya (Uma) and her partner, an American who had already been based here for several years (Shunyata), before they met.

Oh, to go to Palembang! A Small Catalogue of Crafts from One of the Oldest Cities in Modern-Day Indonesia.

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Just saying the name evokes an image of an exotic place and Palembang certainly reflects all the exoticism of South-East Asia’s rich history. From the 7th Century A.D., Palembang, in South Sumatra, has been in existence as a major trade & cultural centre for the archipelago that we now know as Indonesia.

A Win For Indonesia On The First Day Of 2013

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Indonesia’s float entry for the 124th Pasadena Rose Parade this year has won the President’s Trophy for The Most Effective and Innovative Use of Flowers. Congratulations, Indonesia!

Watching the Rose Parade, either on TV or in the streets of Pasadena itself, has become an annual New Year’s Day ritual for most Americans – the perfect thing to do as they quietly recover from New Year’s Eve parties.