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When Balinese Artistry In Precious Metals Meets Western Design

on Mar 27 in Art tagged , , , , by

Actually, we lie a little here…..

The so-called “Western designers” of these magnificent pieces comprised an Indian woman from Kenya (Uma) and her partner, an American who had already been based here for several years (Shunyata), before they met.

Komang’s Dream Girl – One Balinese Artist’s Personal Interpretation of Balinese Beauty

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We have so many artists in Bali, it’s often very easy to overlook someone’s work because of all the “clutter”.

Whilst not a well-known artist, Komang Rianta’s paintings offer something a little different and, given his lack of professional training, where he lives and his very simple personal life, it’s truly remarkable that he can “speak” through paint in such an individual way.