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What’s a Kaki Lima?

on Feb 10 in On The Road tagged , by

A kaki lima (translation, “5 legs”) is the name given to the street vendors in Bali who push their food carts around the neighbourhood selling cheap, made-on-the-spot food mostly to the local people. We might see a little variation these days but generally, the cart has 3 legs (wheels) and the human pushing it has 2, hence “kaki lima”!

Bali’s Best Cartoonists Make Their Point – With Humour, of course.

on Jan 07 in Art tagged , , by

This past week, the Art Centre in Denpasar held a exhibition and workshop featuring the works of Bali’s 5 most influential cartoonists.

Looking at Bali’s current lifestyle and challenges with humour (and sometimes sorrow), the individual cartoons also spoke volumes on several important topics facing Bali in the near future – overwhelming development, the disturbing increase in HIV infections and how to balance the old with the new.