What We Do .......

No matter what it is, our first criteria is always “quality and professionalism”.

In Bali, we supervise our clients’ orders through every phase – sourcing, design, quality control, packing & shipping. From start to finish, the process is a detailed one as you will see when you read below:-

Sourcing visit with client rattan furniture.

The Beginning – The Selection

Most of our clients enjoy coming to Bali to see what’s on offer and our service to them involves:

  • Planning a personalized shopping expedition to visit suppliers whose product line and pricing we think might suit their needs;
  • Taking them to meet the owners, see the workshops, ask questions and discuss orders directly;
  • Offering our suggestions as to quality and price, using our years of experience and knowledge as a guide;
  • Reviewing what we’ve seen, discussing the good & the bad, and then deciding on who to work with for each order.
  • Our clients go home and our work on the orders begins………
Warehouse for goods.

The Middle – The Manufacture

The order process entails a number of steps:

  • Giving deposits, along with clear instructions as to sampling, design, colour, size, time-frame for completion, etc.;
  • Returning to the suppliers constantly to check on progress;
  • Maintaining constant communication with the client about their orders – their progress and any issues that they need to be made aware of or might need their response and/or approval;
  • Gently encourage, support, motivate and even (at times) assist physically the suppliers to ensure they give their best efforts to the orders we’ve placed.
Packing Container

The End – The Shipping

Satisfied with what we’ve seen done, we then begin receiving the goods into our own warehouse. But, before closing out the shipment, there are still many more things to do:

  • A final QC check with the delivery and servicing of goods in our warehouse before balances are paid. (Most of our suppliers already know that when they deliver their orders, they need to send a team of “finishers” at the same time so touch-up can be done to the standards we require.)
  • Goods are then photographed, tagged & wrapped under our supervision at our location;
  • Freight quotations and shipping schedules have already been requested so the client can choose what suits them best;
  • Reports relating to funds disbursed and details of the goods to be shipped are finalized;
  • Container packing is done carefully with our staff supervising the process;
  • Shipping documents are prepared – checked and double-checked – and the project is completed.

We love what we do. We love the people we work for and those we work with and, we love working to this detail. It's what has brought us continuing business and great referrals for many years.

And, we can do the same for you as well.

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