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When Bali’s Witches & Goblins – The Dreaded Ogoh-Ogoh – Come Out to Play

March 10, 2013
Category : Local Customs

The night before Nyepi Day is the time when effigies called “Ogoh-ogoh” are carried through the streets in parades held around the island. This year, the ogoh-ogoh parades will be this coming Monday night but beforehand, wherever you go around Bali, you can’t help but see the amazing creations standing-by.

Our Last New Year Celebrations for 2013 – Bali’s Nyepi Holiday

March 9, 2013
Category : Local Customs

On March the 12th, all of us in Bali will be celebrating (yet again) another New Year. The celebrations actually begin on the 11th and finish on the 13th and, in the usual Balinese way, it’s complicated. Continue reading to find out why……

A Special Screening – A Balinese Cremation Ceremony – 1932

February 15, 2013
Category : Local Customs

Bali Artworks has been given special permission by Travel Film Archive to present the attached video for your enjoyment.  Filmed over 80 years ago, this travelogue is a fascinating record of a Balinese cremation ceremony in the 1930′s. As such, it is of historical significance for today’s Balinese people. There have been some changes to [...]

How January 2013 Looks On The Balinese Calendar

December 29, 2012
Category : Local Customs

OK, everyone, January is getting closer, bringing a new year for all and we hope it will be a great one. If you are looking at next year’s calendar where you live, you’ll see 31 days and perhaps a holiday marked on the 26th for Australia Day or on the 21st, the Martin Luther King holiday.

For those of us who live in Bali, our January looks a little different.

A Coffin for a Hindu High Priestess

December 22, 2012
Category : Local Customs

Driving by, we could see something interesting was being made for an important cremation. This kind of sarcophagus is only used for a high-caste Balinese as is called a “Wadah”.
Under the awning on a steamy hot day, several men were at work putting the finishing touches to a beautiful white bull.