About Bali Artworks .......

Bali Artworks Client GroupBali Artworks has sourced and exported all manner of quality products from Bali and other parts of Indonesia for many years.  We’ve shipped almost everything you can imagine – doors, windows, custom carved walls, garden accents, furniture, soft furnishings, lamps, interior accessories, jewelry, clothing, spa products, etc.   And, at the same time, we’ve enjoyed helping our clients get to know more about the country, its people and its crafts.


Our sourcing expeditions have covered a lot of territory.  We’ve travelled to other islands in Indonesia, visited factories in cities & towns and trekked into small villages to place orders at home workshops.

Along the way, we’ve met the most interesting people – antique collectors, artists and craftspeople – who’ve given us the opportunity to see the breadth of Indonesia’s arts & crafts, from highly-refined art to simple but beautiful handicrafts.

After all we’ve seen in the course of our sourcing work, we want to add another dimension to it by sharing with you some of what we’ve learned about the people – their customs & traditions and the stories behind their unique arts & crafts. Just living and getting around in Bali can bring surprises as well, so we’ll be featuring some articles on life in Bali that we observe around us during a normal day. We hope not only to inform but also entertain.

Sourcing Bali can be hard work but it can be fun too!

(The images below will give you some idea how easily our clients have been able to translate Balinese products into their own lifestyle whether it’s a stone statue in a garden in Hawaii, a teak bed set for an apartment in Singapore or even furniture and flooring for a ski lodge in Canada.)

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