A Win For Indonesia On The First Day Of 2013

January 2, 2013
Category : Indonesian News

Indonesia’s float entry for the 124th Pasadena Rose Parade this year has won the President’s Trophy for The Most Effective and Innovative Use of Flowers.  Congratulations, Indonesia! Indonesia's Floats at 2013 Rose Parade

Watching the Rose Parade, either on TV or in the streets of Pasadena itself, has become an annual New Year’s Day ritual for most Americans – the perfect thing to do as they quietly recover from New Year’s Eve parties.

With such a large viewing audience, having a float in the parade is money well spent by the Ministry of Tourism and this year, Indonesia was also the only country in the world that participated in the event.  With the parade theme of “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”, it was the perfect avenue for Indonesia’s tourism promotion and people loved it!

Wayang Golek Puppets in 2013 Rose Parade There were actually 2 floats in the entry – the first featured a Javanese gamelan orchestra and had a large gong and stand (gong besar) constructed from flowers as the focal point;  the float behind carried large Wayang Goleks (Javanese puppets that have carved wooden heads and arms).

Accompanied by 10 dancers in spectacular costumes, the floats traveled down the central avenue of the stately City of Pasadena for 5 ½ miles.  I don’t know what you think but, to us, that’s a very, very LONG way to dance…

To watch a video featuring the dancers and the float, click here.  To see more images of the Parade, click here

Once again, a great start for the country for the first day of a New Year.  Let’s keep it rolling for the next 12 months, Indonesia…..


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