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For over 15 years, we’ve been privileged to source, buy and export the best of Bali & Indonesia – from furniture and garden accents to interior accessories and custom handicrafts, amazing antiques and textiles – always inspired by what we’ve seen and commissioned for our clients.  (Click here to see our Gallery)

Now, we’re adding an extra bonus for those of you interested in learning more about the arts & crafts of this amazing country, as well as Bali’s lifestyle. Check this site regularly to read our blog articles on topics such as architecture, crafts (old and new), local customs and Bali news.

We’ll also be posting about new products and trends that we see, giving you details as to what they are and where you can order.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading our articles, become interested in what Bali might have to offer you in the way of interior design, landscaping accents & handicrafts and learn a little about the amazing creativity you’ll find here.

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Repro Balinese Door
Repro Balinese-Style Door.
Handcarved and Painted Frangipani
Hand-Carved & Painted Frangipani Flowers.
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